How Much Water Does Your Pet Snake Need?

Owning a Snake: How Much Water Does Your Pet Snake Need?

Owning a Snake: How Much Water Does Your Pet Snake Need?

There are 9.4 million pet reptiles in the United States in 2018. Owning a snake has become more common than having a dog in the UK.

Snakes are clean, affectionate and fun pets to have. And unlike some small pets, they have a fairly long lifespan depending on the species.

If you are a new snake owner, here’s everything you need to know about snake care and water.

Snakes Need Access to Water

All living things need water. Large and small snakes are no different.

In the wild, snakes drink water from creeks, rivers, and puddles. Likewise, your pet snake needs access to clean water 24 hours a day.

Learning how to take care of a snake requires you to learn about snake hydration.

Choose The Right Sized Bowl

When you are putting together your pet snake’s habitat, a water bowl is an essential element.

There are dozens of sizes available because there are so many sizes of snakes. You should choose a bowl that is large enough for your snake to fit inside curled up. Not only will that ensure that your snake has enough water for her body size, but it also can help her soak her skin before shedding.

Choose a bowl that can’t tip over easily. Keep in mind the material it is made out of. You want a bowl that will be easy to clean.

You might find the best option in the cat and dog aisle at the pet store. Rubber-rimmed shallow pet bowls may be perfect for your pet snake.

What Kind of Water Should You Use?

Most snake guides recommend using filtered water for the snake’s drinking bowl. City tap water may have chemicals that could make your snake sick. Never use distilled water because it doesn’t have all the necessary minerals a snake requires.

Room temperature or cold water is fine. So long as it is not hot.

Place the Water in Cool Section

Place your snake’s water dish in the cool section of his habitat.

If you put the dish close to the heated areas, the water could evaporate quickly leaving your snake without access to water. Or the water could affect the humidity levels in the habitat.

Change the Water Weekly

Best snake care tips suggest changing your snake’s drinking water at least once a week. Get into the habit of doing it on the same day(s) each week so you don’t miss a day.

You may need to change the water more often if your snake has soiled the dish. Or if your snake takes frequent baths, you should change the water 2-3 times a week.

Dump out the old water and wash the bowl with boiling water. This will disinfect the bowl before you fill it up with fresh water.

Final Thoughts on Owning a Snake

Owning a snake is a commitment you make to take proper care of the animal to the best of your ability.

That means maintaining a healthy and happy habitat for your large or small snake.

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