Retained Cap

Retained snake eye caps are a common issue with pet snakes.

Usually, your pet snake can take care of itself when it comes shedding, but every once and a while even they could use a little help.

The thing is, dealing with retained snake eye caps can be pretty difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, and trying to do it without proper technique could seriously hurt your pet.

So what’s a snake owner to do?

Don’t stress over it; we’ve got you covered. We’ll break down steps so that you can easily follow along and take care of your snake, leaving your scaly friend feeling happy and healthy.

Keep reading to find out more.

Should I Quarantine My Snake If It Has Retained Snake Eye Caps?

You don’t need to isolate or quarantine your snake just because of its eye caps.

Retained eye caps are rarely caused by a disease and are almost always harmless to the snake or anyone nearby. Often enough, the biggest reason for it happening is because of a lack of humidity.

That’s right – the best way to reduce the chances of your snake getting a retained eye cap is by placing it in a more humid environment like its body was made for.

To make sure that it’s a retained cap and not an actual disease, you need to check the shedding. If you see caps in the shedding and his eyes still look like they have eye caps, you need to take a trip to the vet.

How Do I Take Care of the Eye Caps?

In many cases, eye caps will come off in the next shedding. You can usually just wait until then and your snake will be fine.

However, if they don’t come off in the next shedding (or if you really want to get rid of them ASAP) there are a couple ways of doing that.

One way to do it is to soak your snake in warm water for a few minutes a couple times a day. The warm water acts as a quick and effective way to create a falsely humid environment.

Another method that you could try is to take them out with a piece of clear tape. This requires a pretty steady hand, of course; too much pressure could damage the snake’s eyes.

If neither of these methods works for you, it’s in your best interest to talk to a veterinarian. They’ll make sure to patch your snake up and get them on the right foot (err, scale) again.

All You Need to Know About Raising Snakes

We hear about raising dogs and cats, but there isn’t much to talk about when it comes to taking care of pet snakes. That’s why my website is dedicated to talking all about our scaly friends.

You’ll learn about a lot more than just how to removed retained snake eye caps here. I’ll cover some pretty important topics such as feeding habits, female breeding behavior, picking the right size terrarium, and so much more.

Need to ask a direct question instead? That works for me, too. Just reach out to us and tell us what’s on your mind; We’ll be more than happy to handle your concerns.

Well, what are you waiting for? Come on and check us out. We look forward to having you here.

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